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Our Philosophy

About Us

All of our efforts towards building better living spaces for our clients are based on our values of trust, innovation, and quality. Being a family owned enterprise, we understand the importance of relationships. Our approach to real estate development is one of involvement and respect, whereby understanding the needs of the client always comes first. Rather than only concentrating on the viability of space and its maximum utilization, a strong focus on the quality of space and its smaller constituents is also given a strong focus. This is something that can be attributed to our understanding of how scientifically, quality spaces can help lead a better-quality life and improve the physical and mental wellbeing of its users. Our primary concerns lie in the details; the quality of our materials, the innovation in our design in tandem with real estate is what sets us apart. We remain rooted to our company philosophy that reflects in all aspects of our work. Value-driven entrepreneurship welded with social welfare remains a core motive in our corporate culture as well as life.

Our Team

Mr. Daljit Singh Pal

(N.D.Arch, F.I.V, I.A.H.S (USA), F.I.I.A)

Our founding father. With over 60+ years’ worth of experience as an architect and businessman; with numerous affiliations and qualifications, his work speaks for itself. With a keen mind for innovation, his contributions to the construction sector in South Delhi have been paradigm changing to say the least. The use of stilt parking and the concept of builder floors were first conceived by him.

Amit Pal Singh Gooller

(MBA Finance)

Under the guidance of his father, Mr. Amit has helped the firm reach unprecedented heights. With Mr. Daljit acting as the designer, he took command of the execution of the works and the management of the various properties under the name of the company.

Neepa Pal

(MBA Finance)

The mind behind the administration and financial management of the company, Mrs. Pal brings invaluable experience in wealth and asset management. With a background in finance and accounting and a keen eye for numbers, her role is one of precision, communication and financial planning.

Zorawar Pal Singh

(B.Arch, MSc. Construction management and project finance)

A recent graduate from Sushant school of Art and Architecture, project financier and construction project manager, Zorawar has recently become a director in the company. With a great deal of enthusiasm and a high appetite for risk, he is set to follow in the footsteps of his forefathers to carry the baton of the company into the future.

Summit Grover

(B.Arch, M.Arch)

An architect with over 20 years of experience and specialization in interior design, her contribution to the construction process involves the much needed feminine touch, with the primary focus towards making the spaces beautiful through art and design.